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land camera automatic 210 - acquired in june 2005. one of my best ebay finds - it was 99cents in perfect
condition; my only land camera that uses pack film, it gets tons of use.

one step express - acquired in august 2003. got this when i decided i needed a basic polaroid camera
for 600 film; it was used on ebay, but it's not old and seemed untouched.

land camera: the button - acquired in august 2005. this one's made for sx70 film, which was discontinued,
so i shoot 600 in it, causing many shots to be overexposed.

land camera 91a - acquired in august 2005. i bought this on ebay because it was too pretty to pass up,
even though i knew it used roll film so i wouldn't be able to shoot with it. i've thought about converting it
to shoot 120 film.

land camera j66 - acquired in june 2005. my first land camera, found in a san diego thrift store, i knew
nothing about polaroid at this time so i was disappointed to later find out it was built for roll film so i
couldn't use it. i do plan to go through with some kind of conversion for this one, for either 120 or 35mm
film, or polaroid pack film.