's portfolio


altoid pinhole camera aka "pintoid" - created in august 2005. as far as i can tell, this camera concept
was invented by marcy merrill, at least her site is where i got the idea from. my first and most used pinhole
camera, it has a great wide angle and is pretty darn sharp. so easy to carry around, the only annoying part
is changing film in the dark bag between stops when it's hot in the car. if you ever wanted to make a
pinhole camera, i recommend this kind.

brownie fiesta - acquired in august 2005. i bought this one on ebay assuming it was 120 or 620, but it
turned out to be 127 so it sat around for a long time getting no use. when i got the holiday brownie below,
i had two 127 spools (actually three), so i wound 35mm film with cut-to-fit 120 backing paper and it totally
worked. the lens is kinda messed up - the center of each frame is blurry, and the rest is fairly sharp.

brownie holiday flash - acquired in february 2006. found this at an antique store, for a little more than i
wanted to pay, but there was a shot roll of 127 film in it and i couldn't resist. and also, i needed another 127
spool to be able to shoot with the brownie i already had, so i paid like $8 (something like that). i shot one
roll of 35mm and it turned out really well, except that i estimated wrong on how far to wind between shots
and they all overlapped quite a bit. at some point between that roll and my next, i must have dropped it,
because it gained a huge light leak in the corner, enough to completely 100% expose that roll. besides that
issue, it's a great little camera, very compact and solid. (photos coming soon!)

satellite - acquired in august 2005. my dad discovered this little guy at the same wisconsin thrift store
where i got my argus, complete with the yellow "camera" case. i was amazed to see that is was a fully
functioning camera, with a working shutter and a tiny spool! on the all-knowing internet i learned that there
are tons of these kinds of tiny cameras out there. so cool!