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ansco shur shot - acquired in october 2004. my first medium format, found on ebay for 99cents. this has
been my most-used of them all, it has taken some great shots - pretty sharp little lens and no light leaks.
this model was introduced in 1948.

holga - acquired in may 2005. my only medium format bought new. when using it normally, it doesn't
have the classic holga light leaks i've heard so much about, but it does have interesting focusing choices,
usually producing an image with blurry edges and a somewhat sharp center area. i've also shot 35mm
film with it, taking out a piece to make the frame wider, which does cause significant light leaks.

vagabond "120" - acquired in april 2005. my second ebay camera buy - chose this one mostly because
of the bulb setting; with a metal body, it's quite sturdy (and heavy!). it was made by united states
camera in chicago, c1951.

agfa pioneer - acquired in may 2005. my first 620 camera, i bought this one thinking it was 120. i've shot
one roll with 120 wound onto the spool - it's a strangely blurry camera, with random sharp spots. it's small
and sturdy, just one shutter speed, and was made in the late 1940s.

anscoflex - acquired in august 2005. bought for about a dollar on ebay, my first twin-lens-style (and my first
square format) camera, it's lightweight and feels kinda clunky, but it takes very nice shots. i don't use it
much because it's a lot to carry around, but it's one of my favorites, i absolutely love the big, bright viewfinder.
it uses 620 spools, and was released in 1954.

kodak junior six-20 series II - acquired in august 2005. found this hiding at an estate in wisconsin and fell
in love. it folds up flat and seemed to be in perfect condition. my first medium format with adjustable focus,
aperture and shutter speeds (including bulb and time settings); but after developing my first roll (of 120 film
wound onto the 620 spools) i discovered some very significant light leaks (which i then covered with black
tape). i've also used this one with 35mm film. i'm even more amazed at the condition upon learning this
model was made from 1937-'40. (its original list price was $14 - a dollar less than what i paid for it almost
70 years later.)

kodak duaflex II - acquired in december 2005. given to me by my grandparents, this was the camera used
to shoot my mom and her brothers throughout their childhood in wisconsin. they kept it up perfectly, and it
has some adjustable features. the model was produced from 1950-'54, it's square format, and uses 620 spools.
(photos coming soon!)

ansco shur-flash - acquired in june 2006. got this one on ebay in the original box, which was beat up, but
it managed to keep the camera nice and clean. it's almost the exact same model as my first box at the top
of this page, except with a different kind of viewfinder (and the flash option). it's c1953. (photos coming soon!)