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canon ae-1 - acquired in september 1998. like so many others, i learned the basics on the classic ae-1,
given to me by my dad. i had this 28-80 tamron lens, as well as a 50mm canon fixed. i used it up until i got
the rebel, then took it back out of the bag years later and have used it once in awhile from 2004 to the present.

canon rebel 2000 eos - acquired in december 1999. my christmas present senior year of high school,
this was used for the yearbook that year, and then all throughout college and after, with only the kit lens
(basic 28-80). this was my primary camera until november 2005 when it was stolen.

canonet ql17 - acquired in august 2005. given to me by my uncle who bought it in vietnam. this is an
awesome rangefinder, with an excellent 45mm f1.7 lens, and soon became one of my most used cameras.
the model was released in 1965; the "ql" stands for "quick loading".

argus c3 match-matic - acquired in august 2005. found this one in a thrift store in wisconsin in near perfect
condition. labeled by photographers "the brick", argus first introduced the c3 in 1939, but the match-matic
model was made from '58-'66. the rangefinder is foggy, making it tough to focus, but it's definitely a fun
camera to use, with all the gears.

minolta srt101 - acquired in december 2005. given to me by my grandparents who almost never used it,
this model was made from 1966-'75. the lens is 55mm 1.7, and it has a great leather case.
(photos coming soon!)

nikon n80 - acquired in january 2006. this setup was a replacement/upgrade for my canon rebel,
and was my primary shooter till i finally caved and got a d80 digital slr body in jan '07. i have a kit lens
(28-80) which i never use; i switch between a wide angle (18-35) and a fixed 50mm f1.4, both nikkor lenses.
(photos coming soon!)

lomo action sampler - acquired in early 2001.
purchased for $8 from a tower records store,
this was my first cheap fun camera purchase.

halina ansco pix panorama - acquired in june 2005.
i picked this up from a goodwill for around $4,
wanting to add a pano camera to my collection.
only used it a couple times.