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i recently unearthed a fill-in-the-blanks book from when i was 9 years old in which i drew my favorite birthday present, my first camera. so that's when it started, the passion growing stronger with every year to follow. i have now graduated from UC San Diego with a BA in visual arts, media, photography emphasis. in addition to photography, i worked with computing arts, video, theory, history, and minored in studio arts.

i now reside in long beach, california, manage a photo processing lab, and have developed a growing interest in old cameras, as well as handmade pinhole cameras and various alterations.

in between my time spent making photographs, i design and hand-code,, and, for which i create and sell original yarn & sewn items.

at this time, my professional aim is towards freelance photography for magazines, so i would love to assist photographers working in areas i'm reaching for. and i would love shooting more press shots for bands/musicians; always a favorite subject matter. i am looking for opportunities to show my work, and i do sell prints (see info page for more on that).

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